Who We Are

About Us

The Shaur Taraqiyati Tanzeem is a social, non profit and non religious organization registered in 2003. The Shaur Tarqiyati Tanzeem is non political & non ethnic member based professional development organization, which operated development programs to help and support less  fortunate segments of the society.

The working areas of STT are education, helping poor community, women & human rights, child issues and environment protection issues. The primary source of funds required for the execution of welfare programs comes from the membership fees, direct donations and support from the members of the society.

All our members and administrative bodies share a common sprit. We are tackling the tough problems like child labour, child abuse as well as provision of basic education to children and support to the women and the medical relief to the ill senior citizens. In fact, whatever the community needs to make life better, we are there to help and support.

We are succeeding because we are committed to our mission, focused on our objectives and embracing all those committed to build a brighter future for the world and for them, With a growing number of motivated and enlightened members and volunteer workers, the Shaur Traqiyati Tanzeem is working harder, smarted and faster with a spirit to help, passion to support, focus on objectives and commitment to our belief, values and ethics.

Our Network

  • Civil Society Forum Multan.
  • Multan NGOs Forum.
  • The Voice Of Small Traders Multan.
  • Child Rights Committee Multan.
  • Sajid Memorial Youth Club Multan.
  • Anjuman Sheriyaan
  • Women Protection Committee.

Our Objectives

  • Social development through awareness and skill training to be the communities self dependent.
  • To promote peace & social harmony, human rights & democratic education.
  • Strengthening the anti poverty alleviation.
  • A literate society.
  • Healthy and safe environment protection education.
  • Youth empowerment Programs.
  • A fully aware community about their healthy culture

Thematic Areas

  • Human rights
  • Skill Training
  • Health education
  • Poverty alleviation
  • Cultural Promotion and Social Services
  • Youth empowerment
  • Women empowerment
  • Legal Support
  • Child Issues
  • Disaster Prevention & Awareness
  • Gender Issues
  • Networking
  • To Promote Good Governance